Monday, April 23, 2007


I found this Acronym from another site and thought it most appropriate for our Kinship as well.

- Give yourself for others, this is to practice being selfless. You dont have to go overboard
with this but try to put others first in as many ways as you can. One way you can do this
is by helping with Quests.
U- Unconditional Love, this basically covers everything but when applied provides for the
perfect remedy for any situation, arguement, disagreement, ext.
A- Aim to bring out the best in others. Dont cut each other down or make fun of each other.
Lets uplift everyone and make them all feel welcome. This will make the kinship
enjoyable for everyone.
R- Respect. This is a big one; especially when involving the hierarchy of the kinship.
Respect those whohave been placed in a leadership position over you. If you have a problem
with some one, go to them directly and privately. If this doesnt work talk to the Overseerer.
D- Dont swear (cuss), or use profane language. This also includes nasty comments and jokes.
I- Involve others members of your kinship when you go out and adventure into the lands
of Middle-Earth. This is a kinship build the bonds of brotherhood with your fellow
A- Always put your kinship first. We are trying to build a brotherhood here and one of the
ways to do this is to look out for one another. If you find an item that would be perfect for a
fellow member don't auction it.
N- Never lie to a fellow member especially an officer. We need trust in our kinship; if you
see this being a problem you probley aren't in the right place.
S- Solve problems, dont make them. Its alot easier to make a big deal of something than to
just let it go but for the sake of the kinship.

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